Volcano Trekking

volcano trekkingVolcano trekking is one of the great activities you have to consider during your vacation in Indonesia. Lombok is an island in Indonesia where you can do a volcano trekking. Besides the Rinjani mountain, we also recommend Mount Agung for your great adventure.

Mount Rinjani is one of Indonesia’s active volcano, It is located on North Lombok Regency. The highest point 3.726m makes this volcano mountain become the second highest volcano mountain in Indonesia. Besides the Rinjani mountain, we also recommend Mount Agung for your great adventure.

Rinjani Trekking Packages

There are the varieties of Mount Rinjani volcano trekking packages you can take on your vacation in Lombok. The minimum days you can do the trekking is 2 days, and the maximum is 4 or days.

The most popular Rinjani trekking package is 3 days sharing packages. Due to the increasing numbers of joining this package, we recommend you to make a booking in advance.

The other Rinjani trekking tour also available in sharing or private service. All Lombok volcano trekking is designed for all levels of adventurers.

Our Rinjani trekking organizer has been proven as the recommended trekking agency on Lombok island. The teamwork has been years working hard to find the best way to serve you.

Rinjani volcano trekking tour

What will you get from volcano trekking?

Everyone has their own reason for climbing the mountain. And they have tasted their own sensation of trekking to the high mountain possible.

For myself, hiking the mountain brings me a big experience in my life which I will never get out there. It is such a complete life of adventure and will story my self as one among you who have enjoyed this beautiful life.

There is some reason I love mountain climbing, such as the following: