Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani Mountain with the highest point 3.726 m from sea level is located on the North Lombok. There is a caldera to the west of Rinjani cone with the area 3.500m x 4.800m, extending towards the east and west. Segara Anak lake and a small mountain called Gunung Baru Jari inside the caldera. The wide of Gunung Baru Jari crater is 170m x 200m and attitude 2.296m from sea level.

The last eruption of this small mountain was in October and November 2015. The water flowing from the Segara Anak lake formed a beautiful waterfall. It is perfect to spend while you are overnight on Segara Anak Lake.

Climbing Information

Rinjani mountain trekking is one of the attractions for most travelers who love adventures. The best season to climb Rinjani Mountain is April to November. December to the end of March is closed due to the bad weather. When you decided to join the Rinjani volcano trekking, the first thing is choosing the right season.

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Places Beyond Rinjani Mountain

Beyond Rinjani mountain, there are other places you can visit such as Sembalun, Mangku Sakti waterfall, and Mangku Kodek Waterfall. Pergasingan hill, Bayan Mosque, Tiu Kelep Waterfall, and many more tourist attractions. Book our Lombok Tour packages for a great arrangement of your Lombok holiday activities.

Another place you can visit after trekking is Sasak traditional houses in Segenter. It is also close to a beautiful waterfall Tiu Umbak, but the access is quite hard. So you need to have extra stamina to do that.